"Wha? Piggity Pink?" - Nina Ryser

With the EP Piggity Pink, Jazz Adam, Nina Ryser (Palberta) and Ricardo Balmaseda continue Old Maybe's descent into whimsically absurd experimental rock by delivering five sizable cuts that touch on, as Adam says, themes of "pigs, pink, purple, Scientology, self-hate, forced femininity, lethargy, and the sub / dom dynamics that appear in relationships." Beautifully recorded under the hand of Paco Cathcart (The Cradle, Big Neck Police) at Bottom Bell House in January 2017, Piggity Pink picks up where 2016's Oblio EP left off-- elevating Jazz Adam's compositions and comic deliveries with fresh, jagged no-wave inspired arrangements. 

With more than one year as a band under their belts, and writing more collaboratively than ever, Old Maybe deliver a refined pallette, maximizing the impact of piercing guitar licks with found sounds and the utilization of more overdubs. Longer song lengths allow ideas to fully develop, letting the opposing grooves present themselves in glorious contradiction. Tracks like "Metal June" and "Ugly Love Me", see Jazz Adam deliver way-out lyrics with an energetic flow and cadence supported by a rock-solid rhythm section. Overall the aesthetic is gritty, in your face and yet still shines in it's levity and comedy, never taking itself seriously but presenting a product that was undoubtedly crafted with pride.

Old Maybe - Piggity Pink [Cassette]

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Old Maybe - Oblio [Reissue]
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Cassette comes shrink-wrapped and includes a free digital download.

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