Erica Eso - 2019

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Erica Eso - 2019

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Released October 16th 2015

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Erica Eso is a microtonal pop project founded by composer and synthesizer player, Weston Minissali of Cloud Becomes Your Hand. "Erica Eso's synth-heavy pop melodies are a clear departure from the otherworldly avant-rock sound of Cloud Becomes Your Hand, but [the] first singles make it clear that Minissali's talents as an experimental composer span across genres." (The Deli Magazine) The brooklyn-based quartet is comprised of Rhonda Lowry on drums, Nathaniel Morgan on bass and Ellen O'Meara on synthesizer. This October they will be touring the east coast and midwest in support of their debut album "2019" out on Ramp Local Records on October 16th. 

Primarily composed in an attic, 2019 (a date in time, a lucky anagram, or maybe just an arbitrary value deemed significant) is the debut album of Erica Eso (a name plus music, an empty bracket, not an alter ego). The album exhibits abstract sound palettes willfully submitting to the globalized pop song structure. Synthesizers born of distorted sign waves and quarter tone temperament join with an unknown loner's fragile falsetto singing proudly of loss and rebirth. Songs like "One Hundred Years," "Neer Me Ruuner," and "Crippled Symmetry," celebrate the clean, gridded pulse of the dance floor, but the instinctive spirit of the record lies in the murky, arrhythmic swells and clicks of tracks like "Iris Kyle" and "Am Eve Erica." But whose femininity is hollering out amongst this reverb? 

Fact Magazine:
"2019 delivers some of the same bent sonics alongside vocals that range from untouched to processed beyond recognition. ’Reborn’ does both, shifting between breathy, confessional vocals and sections autotuned down to impressionistic smears of data. That one has a nice overload to it, but more often than not 2019 is an album of delicate moments..."

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