I Hope All of Your Dreams Come True is Nina Ryser’s 4th release under her solo project. Nina makes dreamy/ominous/disfigured-melody pop music when she is alone in her room, not playing in Palberta, Shimmer, Old Maybe, or Data. This is how she began playing music in the first place, long ago, and it hasn’t changed much since. Her songs are crooked duets and conversations between vocal melodies and keyboard compositions; sometimes they are decorated with sounds from other instruments and objects. They can be hokey, syrupy, creepy, hopeful, banal. 

I Hope All of Your Dreams Come True features collaborations with other musicians who Nina admires very much— Anina Ivry-Block (contributes 3 different covers of “Abdicate”, a song from Abacus of Love by The Cradle), Gods Wisdom (vocals on “Just Met”), and Gabe Adels (clarinet on “Waiting Place”).

Nina Ryser - I Hope All Of Your Dreams Come True [Cassette]

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Cassette comes shrink-wrapped and includes a free digital download.

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