In an industry that favors niche branding and sub-genre packaging, Palberta is a difficult band to place. Their music is free and uninhibited in a way that makes it all their own. Often, Palberta songs are marked with a child-like communication -- chants and lullabies are met with snarling tantrums, while their instruments coo and careen towards an often abrupt finish. Their playful approach to writing produces work that is as hyper-emotional as it is jarring as it is soothing and as loopy as it is sinister.

Palberta was formed when Lily Konigsberg, Anina Ivry-Block, and Nina Ryser met while attending Bard College. They honed their sound in basements across the Hudson valley, and quickly gained a reputation for their brazen and feverish live shows. Through prolific touring and recording, they have developed a dedicated nation-wide following without the aid of a major label. Outside of the band, the three of them actively pursue solo endeavors, with Palberta serving as a culminating force - a band driven by uncompromising personality.

Bye Bye Berta is their seventh release and their most sonically expansive release yet. Recorded by frequent collaborator Paco Cathcart at a library in Roxbury, Connecticut, the record features contributions from artists in their community.

Palberta - Bye Bye Berta [Cassette]

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